Microsoft surface headphones 2 vs Sony wh-1000xm4- Detailed Guide

Microsoft surface headphones 2 vs Sony wh-1000xm4 | surface headphones 2 vs sony 1000xm4

After using the Sony wh-1000xm3, I learned about the latest Sony wh-1000xm4 headphones, but somehow, every time I looked for the Sony wh-1000xm4 headphones, I found Microsoft Surface headphones 2.

Both looked fine for me, and now the question comes down to which one is best- Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 vs Sony wh-1000xm4.

And the most important thing, which headphone you should purchase- Microsoft Surface headphones 2 or Sony wh-1000xm4.

To understand the difference between these two: Microsoft surface headphones 2 vs Sony wh-1000xm4, I first review both the headphones and compare their features sidewise.

One more thing to address both products is headphones, not headsets. You might be thinking that what is the difference- then I suggest you check out our blog post on Headset vs Headphone- Difference You must Know.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 – Review.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 – Review


Product Dimensions- ‎9.88 x 9.61 x 2.8 inches.

Product Weight- 10.2 Ounces.

Ear Placement- Over-ear.

Connectivity- Wireless.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 is 9.88 inches in length, 9.61 inches in width, and 2.8 inches in height, and weighs up to 10.2 Ounces.

These headphones are the Over ear headphones with wireless connectivity.

Apart from that, the main highlights of the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 are its Crystal-clear OmniSonic Sound, Highly comfortable Ear Pads, 13 Levels of Active Noise Cancellation etc.

Let me talk about them one by one.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 provides the OmniSonic sound, which wraps you in your favorite shows and music for hours without any issue.

When I listen to music, what I hate most is the noise coming from the outside. That’s why the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 includes 13 levels of active noise cancellation to avoid that noise to enjoy my music peacefully.

It would be best to have comfortable earpads to hear your favorite music for hours to get in Microsoft Surface Headphones 2. With these, you will get very soft, over-ear pads that are breathable, lightweight, and highly comfortable.

Apart from that, you will get Intuitive touch control to control all the tasks such as skip tracks and answer.end calls, and get hands-free assistance.

Do you know the best part about it- It consists of significant battery life of 18.5 hours of music listening or 15 hours of voice calling.

The best thing is you need to charge it for 5- minutes, and you can get the playback time of up to 1 hour.

Things We Liked.

  • Great Voice control settings.
  • Crystal Clear sound quality.
  • Good Battery Life.
  • Thirteen levels of Active noise cancellation.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Great Connectivity.

Sony wh-1000xm4 review.

Sony wh-1000xm4 review


Product Dimensions- 10.2 x 8.2 x 6.6 inches.

Product Weight- 1 Pound.

Ear Placement- Over-ear.

Connectivity- Wireless.

Sony wh-1000xm4 headphone is 10.2 inches in length, 8.2 inches in width, and 6.6 inches in height, and weighs up to 1 pound.

The headphones are the over-ear headphones with Bluetooth Connectivity.

I liked the Sony wh-1000xm4 headphone’s battery backup and its 10000 mAh wireless battery bank with PD3.0 18W Quick charge with USB-c in/Out.

Sony wh-1000xm4 headphone has a large battery backup of up to 30 hours to hear your favorite music for the whole day.

Do you know the best part? With a charge of just 10 minutes, you will get a battery backup of up to 5 hours of playback time.

The next thing which is best about the Sony wh-1000xm4 headphone is its Active- Noise Cancellation. The headphones provide you with the best noise cancellation ever.

The additional microphones that come with the Sony wh-1000xm4 headphone also provide crystal clear sound while chatting, which is also impressive.

Sony wh-1000xm4 headphone comes with the Edge-AI, providing the next level music. Whether it is instrumental, music genres, or individual elements of a song such as vocals. It restores the high-range sound lost in compression for a richer, more complete listening experience.

Its Speak chat feature is also quite handy when I want to talk to someone l while listening to music. It automatically stops the music and lets in ambient sound so I can conduct a conversation.

Sony wh-1000xm4 headphone operates over the Precise Voice Pickup technology. It uses an in-built microphone and advanced audio signal processing to recognize and react to my voice. And once my char is over, the music starts playing again automatically.

Things We Liked.

  • Highly comfortable.
  • Incredible Battery Life with a wireless power bank.
  • Best Noise Cancellation ever.
  • Crystal clear sound quality with the microphone.
  • Great sound quality. 
  • Volume control is quite handy.

Microsoft surface headphones 2 vs sony wh-1000xm4- Sidewise comparison.

Release Date of headphones. 

Microsoft surface headphones 2 release date was 6 May 2020, while on the other hand, the Sony wh-1000xm4 was launched on August 2020. 

You can see that both the headphones are launched in the same year. 

Sound quality of Headphones.

Whether you purchase a speaker or a headphone, the first thing we check is its sound quality, which is obvious.

When you consider the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 and sony wh-1000xm4, both provide impressive sound quality, so don’t worry about the sound quality. Pick any one of them without any doubt.


Comfort is the most crucial factor after sound quality, which you must consider while purchasing a pair of headphones.

If you ask me about these two, I say both the Microsoft surface headphones 2 and sony wh-1000xm4 are highly comfortable. You don’t even worry about the comfort while purchasing it.

Battery Life.

Wherever you talk about the wireless headsets/headphones, one feature will be discussed: the Battery backup of the headset.

In terms of battery life- Surface headphones 2 provides you with an extensive battery life of up to 18.5 hours of listening and 15 hours of calling.

When we talk about the xm4 battery life- it comes with a large battery backup of up to 30 hours. If you worry about the sony wh-1000xm4 battery drain, don’t worry about it as you will get a 10,000 mAh Power back, which will increase the battery back up even from the 30 hours.

It becomes pretty handy when you are traveling.

Here the clear winner is the sony wh-1000xm4 headphone in battery life.

Active Noise Cancellation.

When we play games with our wireless headphones or listen to music, if some sound comes from the surroundings, it can rune the experience.

So this feature is quite a feature which you should also consider.

If you ask me about the Microsoft Surface headphones 2, I would love to say that they have one of the best noise cancellations.

After all, the headphone comes with the 13 levels of Active noise cancellation, which does not allow any ambient noise to come.

On the other hand, Sony wh-1000xm4 headphones also provide you with the best noise cancellation in the whole market.

In short, you can pick anyone in terms of Active Noise cancellation.

Microphone Quality.

When you talk about the microphone, I say that both don’t include any external microphone, which is detachable. If you want something like that, check out a gaming headset.

Apart from that, Microsoft headphones 2 comes with four inbuilt microphones that provide excellent voice clarity.

On the other hand, the Sony wh-1000xm4 includes two microphones on every ear cup. The sony wh-1000xm4 microphone quality is also impressive.

You can trust both of them in terms of microphone voice quality.

Connectivity With Devices.

I know both of the headphones, wh-1000xm4 and Microsoft surface 2, come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, but In terms of connectivity, I would like to consider the wh-1000xm4 headphone first.

As the wh-1000xm4 headphone includes the NFC chip built into the right ear cup, which allows you to connect it to your android devices automatically. Along with multipoint technology, you can connect up to two devices simultaneously.

But wait. When you consider the Microsoft Surface 2, you will be surprised that you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, unlike the wh-1000xm4 headphone.

You can understand that the clear winner is the Microsoft Surface 2 headphone in terms of connectivity.

Conclusion: Microsoft surface headphones 2 vs Sony wh-1000xm4.

After comparing all the necessary features of both the headphones- Microsoft Surface headphones 2 vs Sony wh-1000xm4, I would like to address one more thing which is necessary while purchasing a headphone.

It is the budget or pricing of the headphones. After all, if a product is too costly or does not come under your budget, how many features it offers doesn’t matter.

In terms of budget, the Microsoft surface headphones 2 lies under 240-250 dollars while the Sony wh-1000xm4 comes under the pricing of 350 dollars. ( Pricing might change at the time you see).

At last, I would say that if you have a high budget and want a premium headphones, then I recommend you the sony 1000xm4 headphones, while if you have a low budget, then check out the Microsoft Surface headphones 2 headphones.

I hope you have liked our in-depth guide on surface headphones 2 vs sony 1000xm4. If you have any doubts regarding it, they know me in the comments.

Also, share this in-depth guide on surface headphones 2 vs sony 1000xm4 with your friends who might be interested in such beautiful pieces.

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