How to straighten headphone wires | Best way You must know.

How to straighten headphone wires | Protect headphones wire

If you are using headphones in your day-to-day life, you might face the same issues as I do of tangling the headset wires/ Headphone wires.

It is not as many issues in the headset, but when you consider the earphones, it becomes worse.

Now the question comes How to straighten headphone wires?

Before I answer your question, I would like to ask you one thing: do you know why your headphone cord twist?

The answer is quite simple when you look at it. We use earphones in our day-to-day life. And most of us have those earphones which do not have anti-coiled wires.

So as we use them daily, we forget to keep them safe. Honestly, yesterday only I threw them over my bed.

My point is that the headphone’s cord does not have elasticity, so it gets in the shape they put. Sometimes we even fold it unevenly and keep it in our pockets.

So all these events cause twisting of your headphone cord.

How to straighten headphone wires?

How to straighten headphone wires

1. Use a case or Carry Bag.

It is the best way to protect your headphone’s wire from tangling. You all need to have a case or plastic carry bag, fold the wire in a round shape, and put it in the Bag.

Now you can put the Bag in your pocket without worrying about the tangling of your headphone wires.

2. Use fabric tape to bind it.

As in the previous step, I told you about folding your headphone wire in a round shape, here also. You have to do the same thing, but this time you will use fabric tape to the wires, so the wire does not unfold and tangle.

3. Wrap your headphones wire around your Mobile.

This is the usual process we do in our day-to-day life. It is efficient but not as effective.

Let me explain. Most of us have headphones that do not come with tangle-free wire. So when you fold it around your mobile phone, it might get stretched and cause damage to your headphone.

So keep in mind that.

4. Have a headphone holder.

Take a piece of cardboard and create two cuts of about an inch on the top and one at the bottom. The next thing you have to do is make three more holes- Two for the speakers and the other for the headphone jack.

Now you can put the headphone speaker to these holes and wrap the wire to the cuts present at the top and the end of the cardboard.

After you wrap your wire, you can now put the remaining headphone jack in the last hole you created for it.

Congratulations, your wire is safely kept in a headphone holder.

5. Use a Binder clip and fold your headphone’s wire.

First, take a medium-sized binder clip. Then put the headphone jack through the binder clip. Once you reach the end of the headphone speakers, stop binding.

Next, you must wrap the remaining length of the headphone wire around the binder clip.

Some Methods to keep headphone cords from twisting.

Over-under Cable Coiling method.

We generally put the headphones in our pockets by folding or coiling them, which might look easy and great, but it causes later complications.

I suggest the following methods like the Over-under Cable Coiling method to avoid such complications.

  • Hold the cable in your left hand and make sure it faces you.
  • Slide your hand down the cable and make the first coil.
  • Next, place your hand on your chest and make sure your thumb points downwards. Then, grab the cable and make the second coil by bringing the cable back up into your left hand by creating a twist.
  • After that, you have to alternate between the regular coil and the twisted coil. Make sure the loops remain the same size. You would notice that when you unfurl the cable, the regular and twisted coils cancel each other out.

8- Cable Coiling method.

8 Cable coiling method is the most effective method to keep headset wires from twisting. It is easy to use and efficient.

Let me explain. First, you have to hold your earbuds between your thumb and three of your fingers.

Then, wrap the cable around your fingers until you have only 3 to 5 inches of wire to wrap. Now remove your two fingers from inside of the wrap- leaving the index finger.

Make sure your index finger must be inside the wrap, so the wire does not uncoil. Finally, loop the remaining wire and tuck the end of the headphone wire, including the jack inside the wrapped portion, tightly.

Double fold and Knot method.

From the name itself, you can understand how it will happen. Firstly you have to fold the headphone wire into two equal parts.

Just stretch the wire and take one end of the wire to another. Now do it same again and at last, stretch the wire out, take one end, pull it over, and make a loop under the other end.

Use a rubber band with any method mentioned above.

Above I told you about the different methods such as the Over-under Cable Coiling method and the 8 Cable coiling method.

If you use a rubber band along with these methods, you need a rubber band to loop around the wrap you made using the methods mentioned above. It will keep the wrap and avoid the curling of the headphone wire.

Verdict- [ How to straighten headphone wires]

At last, I will explain something. You might be thinking that why you should keep headset wires from twisting. The answer is quite simple, and it will damage your earphones/ headphones.

You might feel the difference in the sound quality of your headphones.

The best way to untangle a headset cord is to keep it coiled or use a headphone stand. If you have earphones, the most efficient way is to keep them under a plastic cover and then put them in your pocket.

I hope you got all the questions regarding how to straighten headphone wires. If you have any doubts or questions, know me in the comments.

Also, share this in-depth guide on “how to keep a cord from twisting” with your friends using earphones/ headphones.

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