How to make headphones louder ( 5 Proven Ways You Must Know)

How to make headphones louder | Make Headphones Louder

We all use headphones and earbuds in our day-to-day life. At the start, they work fine, but gradually, their performance gets down as time passes.

You might be thinking about what might be the reasons are-

  • This might be because of the deposited dirt.
  • Tangled wire.
  • Or Bad throwing habits of headphones.

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Apart from that, as I mentioned above about tangled wire. If you solve this habit of twisting headphone cords, this might even increase the lifespan of your headphones to the months.

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As I told you about the possible reasons your headphones are not louder, now the million worth question comes- How to make headphones louder?

If you don’t know, keep reading our blog post on how to make headphones louder.

Steps for making Headphones Louder are-

  1. Cleaning must be your priority.
  2. Remove the Volume limits on your Device.
  3. Use Volume Boosting Applications.
  4. Use an Amplifier.
  5. Get a new pair of Headphones.

Now Let me talk about them in detail one by one.

How to make headphones louder?

1. Cleaning must be your First Priority.

Whenever you feel that your headphones are not playing sound as they used to when they were new, I highly recommend you clean them first and try to reuse them.

When we purchase a new pair of headphones, they are absolutely clean and work accurately. But as time passes, they get some dust, some impurities from your ears, and sometimes some impurities when we carelessly put them on our table or somewhere else.

Such impurities could block some of the sounds in your earbuds/ ear cups or affect your headphones’ performance.

Now the question comes, how do you clean them?

You can use cotton swabs, alcohol wipes, or a small cloth to clean your headphones, prolonging their lifespan and sound quality.

Use a cloth dipped in alcohol which you can use to wipe your earbuds. Take a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol as they air dry and clean the crevices.

In the next step, you can dab a small cloth or an alcohol wipe gently against the mesh to sanitize and clean the dirt or wax present in it.

Now put them for drying and then reassemble them.

If you have a pair of wireless earbuds, I recommend you use a small toothbrush or slightly damp cotton swab. Use it to brush the earbud’s mesh until it’s free of dirt ( do it softly).

If your headphones have silicone ear tips, you can remove them and let them soak in soapy water for three to five minutes and let them dry and place them again.

2. Remove the Volume limits on your Device.

Have you ever observed that whenever you connect your headphones to your Device and try to increase the Volume, then after a certain setting, your Device does not allow you to increase it, or sometimes it shows a warning if you still try to improve it?

It is placed as per the multiple guidelines of the government. The rules suggest that there will be a volume limit for the MP3 players and smartphones to 120 decibels in US and 85 decibels in Europe.

You can remove this limit by going to sound settings or disabling this warning bar in the settings. This will increase the sound of your headphones.

3. Use Volume Boosting Applications.

As you tried to remove the volume limit bar and still did not get enough sound while playback, I recommend you use some of the Volume Boosting Applications.

Let me explain. Do you ever played a video in your Gallery and again played the same video in a third-party application such as MX-player or VLC player ( available for both Android and Windows).

You will find the difference in the audio quality. Such applications are the volume-boosting applications you can use to boost your sound while listening to music.

According to the Soundgearlab, the table below contains the different Volume boosting applications for the various devices you can use.

Android Iphone Windows
Volume Booster Pro Equalizer Pro Volume Booster Equalizer Pro
Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio SonicMax Pro Music Volume Booster DFX Sound Enhancer
Dub Music Player – Audio Player & Music Equalizer Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Quality Booster) Breakaway Audio Enhancer

4. Use an Amplifier.

Do you know what an Amplifier is?

An Amplifier is a device you can amplify the sound waves and get a louder sound.

And this is what we need in our case. Isn’t it?

You can use an external amplifier with our Large On-ear and Over-ear headphones. But with the small earbuds, this might not work.

You might be thinking that why not pair it to our devices? Then my answer is yes, you can, but it might not make any big difference in doing so.

But on the other hand, when you do the task with your Large headphones, this will increase the sound and the details and accuracy of your sound.

Check out an Amplifier today.

5. Get a New pair of headphones.

After knowing all the methods I mentioned in this guide, you might be thinking about who will spend much time doing so this much things.

Instead, why don’t I purchase a new pair of headphones?

Yes, you are right. If you can purchase a new pair of headphones, I recommend you do that. But do you know what the best options in the market are?

Here are some of the Guides which you can check out before purchasing your headphones as per your needs-

Verdict: How to make headphones louder?

At last, I would say I highly recommend you take care of your headphones a little bit-

  • Don’t throw them on the Table.
  • Avoid tangling of wire.
  • Do not sleep over your headphones.
  • Keep your headphones clean. Etc.

This will increase your headphone’s lifespan. After that, I hope you have got all the answers to the question- How to make headphones louder?

If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding it, let me know in the comments. Also, share this in-depth guide on how to make headphones louder with your friends who are using headphones in their day-to-day lives.

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