How long do earbuds last in 2022?

Yesterday I talked to my friend, and he asked me this question: How long do earbuds last?

Ideally, your earbuds/ earphones last from 6 months and goes up to 2-years. But it depends on how you use them and keep them. 

If you purchase branded earbuds, let say- Bose 700 or Sony 1000xm3 Noise Cancelling Headphones. They will last for a longer duration than the local earbuds.

Now the question comes When do you know that your earbuds will stop working?

Generally, when you feel that your earbuds are not providing any clear sound as they previously, you might get low sound from one speaker while you hear usual with the other.

These are the primary signs which show that soon you have to purchase a new pair of earbuds.

Common reasons for your earbuds not working correctly.

Above I told you that if you take care of your earbuds, it might increase your earbuds’ lifespan.

This means if you know what the practices we do with our earbuds are- decreases the lifespan of earbuds, then we might avoid them, which can increase the lifespan of your earbuds.

Common reasons for your earbuds not working correctly

Stretching of the earbuds cord.

It is the most common reason which we generally do with our earbuds. It happened to me many times- For example, you are sitting in your bed and watching a movie, and someone calls you.

You go to answer them. Meanwhile, you might be standing over your long Cord and picking your mobile device, which might cause your earbuds cord to stretch.

There might be other situations, but I hope you understood what I was trying to say.

Pulling your Cord instead of a plug.

Last month I was using my earbuds with my laptop, and as I completed my work with my laptop, I pulled the Cord instead of the plug, which again stretched the Cord and affected the performance of the earbuds.

Putting earbuds without cover.

This is the most common practice we do in our day-to-day life, as when we want to go somewhere and want to take our earbuds. We fold the earbuds cable and put it in our pockets.

If you do not have anti-tangle cord earbuds, they usually get a knot that damages your earbuds.

Moisture damaging your earbuds.

Do you know who the biggest enemy of any electronic gadget is?

Yes, you are suitable. Water or moisture is the biggest issue that can damage your earbuds. Sometimes we hold our earbuds with wet hands or have sweat over our hands which might damage our earbuds.

I know this is the rarest reason for damaging earbuds, but it affects your earbuds somehow if it is happening more than once.

Sleeping with your earbuds.

Some of us have the habit of listening to songs and sleep, and sometimes we forget to take out the earbuds from our ears and sleep. While sleeping, we might turn over the earbuds cord or even twist or stretch it.

Such reasons are expected, saying that you must avoid sleeping with your earbuds.

Listening to High volume.

Do you know that listening to high volume for longer durations can damage your ears and even cause loss of hearing. It also affects your earbuds’ lifespan.

When you play high volume for too much time, a time comes when you might feel little distortion in the sound, which is the primary sign of damaged earbuds.

So avoid it.

How to make earphones last longer?

As I told you, the primary reason for decreasing the lifespan of your earbuds is damaging their wire. So if you avoid some of the practices, then it might prolong the life of your earbuds.

How To Make Earphones Last Longer

Keep your wire straight.

The main reason for damaging earphone wire is the folding or coiling of the wire. If you avoid folding or coiling your wire and putting your earbuds in your pocket without any cover, it will help you a lot.

Check out our in-depth post on How to straighten headphone wires to know the different techniques to coil the earbuds cord properly, which will decrease the chances of damage.

Keep the earbuds clean.

You might be thinking about how it will help but believe me, and it helps a lot. Cleaning your earbuds helps to remove all the dust or dirt which might be stuck to your earbuds/earbuds cord, which can corrode the wire of your earphone.

Avoid throwing off your earbuds.

Most of the time, we use our earbuds and throw them over the bed, even to our table. Such practices can damage your earbuds or even crack the earbud’s speaker.

And if your earbuds are damaged, then you have to look for a new pair.

Verdict- [How long do earbuds last]

I hope you liked our in-depth guide on How long do earbuds last, and you started following the tips mentioned in this guide and increasing the lifespan of your headphones.

Also, let me know the comments on the practices you did before reading this guide on how long earbuds last- which are damaging your earbuds.

If you are late and your earbuds are already damaged or not giving you the perfect sound quality as they did, then you can also check out another pair of earbuds for the listening song.

Don’t know which one you should choose, check out our guides-

FAQs on-How long do earbuds last?

How long do wired headphones last?

Wired headphones last from the period of six months to the year. Purchase good quality headphones and take care of them. This might increase the lifespan up to 2-years.

How to make earphones last longer?

You can avoid folding or twisting the earphone cord and keep the earphones covered while carrying. Also, clean your earphones eventually within a few months.

Do wireless earbuds last longer?

Wireless earbuds do not last long compared to wired earbuds because of battery failure or exhaustion.

Can earbuds damage your ears?

Yes, if you hear high-pitched volume for a longer duration, it might damage your ears or even lose your hearing.

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